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General Business

We can fund up to $400,000 for any personal use & would love to help new business, ventures & PARTNERSHIPS

(Careers: Marketing Rep 1k/100k)

Drive In What YOU WANT

So many can't afford a down payment on a home, car, even a new feature film.

Real Estate

Most people need help paying a mortgage or getting a new one. 

100% Dreams 


“INTERESTED? I can't believe I was able to get my first house with my daughter, and we quickly applied and one week later $150K in my account. We have our condo for only $1,100 beats rent, & WE OWN IT.”


Dr. Charles Sandler

"I really wanted to get into this film, and invest without my own money. I also wanted a commercial small single family home to start renting it out. Finally, 7 days felt so long and we rented our place out for twice as much as our loan payment back without us being there. ONE INCOME STREAM DOWN"

Christine Walker